The Inspiration Movement
for Arts Leadership and Social Change

Dr. Michael (Mike) B. Naftali

Michael (Mike) Naftali is a social entrepreneur, social inventor, social activist and teacher, and researcher in voluntarism and civil society. For more than 40 years, he has taken an active part in advancing, managing, and leading a wide range of social endeavors, including the formation of social entrepreneurship platforms, volunteering and civil society infrastructure programs, […]

Anna-Lisa Klages

Anna-Lisa joined Inspiration in December 2015 and has since been responsible for the global projects management. Art, psycho-social trauma responses and international development have long been the focus of her academic interest. She holds a B.A. in Art Therapy from Stenden Hogeschool, Netherlands and will complete her M.A. in Social Work with Specialization in Crisis […]

Dr. Kizito Maria Kasule

Kizito Maria Kasule is the founding director of NIAAD (2009), a private art institution which offers diplomas and certificates in Art and Design, and currently the Dean of the Margret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art, Makerere University. A graduate of Makerere University, Kizito holds a PhD in Art History and MAFA in sculpture […]

Sharon Gill

Sharon has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in design from Bezalel Academy and a master’s degree in Historical studies from Tel Aviv University. She has a lot of interest in the academy world. She had the pleasure of serving as the Cultural Attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC (2008-2010).  I collaborated with both […]

Bruno Sserunkuma

Bruno Sserunkuma graduated with a B.A (F.A), and M.A (F.A) and PGDE from Makerere University. He is currently lecturing ceramics in the Department of the Industrial Art and Applied Design at Makerere University. He has been involved in a number of research and projects promoting crafts, including, gender and development (GAD) small project, Artists in […]

Keren Bittan Shemesh – Mirembe’s chairwoman

For the past ten years Keren has served as the director of the social responsibility and student welfare and financial support department at the Shenkar College of Design, Art, and Engineering, Ramat Gan, Israel. As part of her role, Keren promotes and directs over 20 projects, programs, and academic courses which integrate academic discourse with […]

Hagit Erlich

 Hagit cares. She cares about the planet we live on, the air we breathe, and also the leaders who lead us. She cares and believes we can create equal opportunities for everyone. She wishes uniqueness and creativity prevailed and not everyone looked alike, that each and every one of us will be able to bring […]

Prof. Rivka Lazovsky

Prof. Rivka Lazovski

Professor Rivka Lazovsky is a Professor in Education throughout the life time [from birth to Golden Age included], an experienced Educational Counselor, an academic Lecturer and Researcher in Education and Counseling  who published many articles and books,  a Social Activist since she was a young girl. She has more than 30 years of management experience. […]

Shmuel Sorek

Shmuel Sorek is the chairman & general manager of Topaz. Mr. Sorek is a Mechnical engineer with close to 40 years of senior management experience of various companies, factories and of associations, and active public service. Born in Jerusalem to a Holocaust Survivor mother and Second War veteran father, he started his professional career as […]

Gila Amitay

A senior lecturer at the Max Stern Yezreel Valley College and the head of the Center for Action Research and Social Justice. She received her Ph.D. from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. She teaches at the department of criminology and a is member of several human rights and children’s’ rights organizations. Her main research […]