The Inspiration Movement
for Arts Leadership and Social Change

Moran Zalcberg-Cohen


Mrs Zalcberg is an advocate and a social activist. Moran holds an LLB degree in law, a BA in communication and a MA in International Relations with a speciality in Diplomacy from the University of Haifa. Moran practised law for ten years and specializes in Tort law and bankruptcy. Moran studied and taught topics on rhetoric and leadership at Haifa university. Moran has volunteered in various Israeli Civil Society Organizations, among them HAIS Israel – servicing asylum seekers, ELEM- taking care of vulnerable and at-risk youth and Halev – which offers legal assistance to Israeli citizens.
As a social entrepreneur, Moran established a program which helps women in local authorities get more involved in local politics as a part of a feministic legal clinic.
Recently Moran has been nominated as the executive director of Brit-Olam.


Karin Hentchel

Karin Hentchel

She graduated with a B.A in stage design from Berlin University of the Arts and continued to a year of M.A  in performance studies at Tel Aviv University.
She learns, teaches and practices theater in all of its forms, in different projects, with different organizations, communities and people of all ages around the world. In her ongoing journey from the Middle East to Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin, and North America, she focuses on the fruitful connections between people and cultures through artistic and theatrical vision. She sees life as a performance where we all could play our parts as truthfully and colorfully as we can.

Cerinah Nalwoga

Cerinah Nalwoga

With a Textile and Ginning Engineering background, Cerinah’s passion for finance and management led her to pursue ACCA. She worked as a Business development lead in the same organization and demonstrated intelligence, creativity and contributed to the rapid growth of annual revenue, improved operational processes helping the company gain market visibility in the ICT sector in Uganda.

Cerinah operates a marketing Agency called Trillion Ventures which offers marketing consultancy services to Entrepreneurs, companies, organizations on various projects aiding the implementation of the strategies while connecting them to new market audiences. She volunteers her time speaking to young people empowering them to make informed decisions in regards to education, employment and entrepreneurship. She is also CFO ward winner 2018 for SME category an award that recognized a finance person a small and medium   firm whose work has led to the growth of their firm, courtesy of Deloitte, Stanbic Bank and ACCA. Cerinah is a volunteer on the Topaz Inspiration Connect program in Uganda.

Edward Waddimba

Waddimba Edward

His versatile practice has attracted a number of commissions and employment to a number of local art collectives in a bid to discover opportunities out of what seems to be misfortunes. His practice spreads across a varied range of genres ranging from drawing, painting, collage, multimedia, sculpture to craft making recycled from a wide range of material like metal, wood, bark cloth in two dimension, reliefs and three dimension. Although his latest body of works explores aesthetics and functionality, his work is characterised by both semi abstract and realistic human forms that vividly regard conventional visual elements and principles. He won the 3rd National CSO Fair Art Competition and participated in a number of international and local exhibitions as a solo artist, group and an art collective.

His practice has also been exhibited in a number of prestigious galleries like; Nommo gallery, Afri-art gallery, BONZO gallery, Tulifanya art gallery, Makerere art gallery, and a number of art fairs and festival editions including Kenya art fair, Kampala city festival and JAMAFEST East African interstate cultural festival. He is a volunteer on the Topaz Inspiration Connect program in Uganda.

Abigail Agwang

Abigail Agwang

She is a motivational speaker who inspires young people like her to be purpose driven. Abigail has been participating in academic researches including collecting data for organizations and presenting findings from the studies. Abigail is an accomplished visual artist with vast knowledge on editorial illustrations for community projects on development and sustainability. She has held training of teachers and students on how to design and make reusable sanitary pads and conducted a number of sensitization and awareness around the same area.

She is currently working with pilgrim Africa, an NGO based in Northern Uganda. Abigail helps to provide community services on malaria prevention and control, HIV aids treatment, and control of malnutrition among young children.

Mugisha Happy Innocent

Mugisha Happy Innocent

Currently Happy manages a Youth Initiative for Prosperity Africa (YIPA). YIPA is an NGO that promotes empowerment through skills development, community capacity building, environmental management and conservation, OVC support, and many more health related work.

Happy has worked with Social Health and Environmental Sustainability (SHES) as an Outreach Supervisor. He engaged in different program activities such as women empowerment, Environment conservation, youth program and the OVC program,  village Saving and Loan Association, Skills building program, Child literacy, schools prevention program and HIV Mobile Van Outreach program. He has also supervised students on internship from different academic institutions and helped many of them pursue their degrees. He is a volunteer on the Topaz Inspiration Connect program in Uganda.

Kitto Derrick Wintergreen

Kitto Derric Wintergreen_opt

He is currently the Acting Head of Fine Art Department at Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design (NIAAD) in Namulanda, Uganda, where he also teaches visual communication design and weaving.

In 2017 Kitto Joined the Kampala Working Group of the Another Roadmap School. He is participating in the international research project intertwining hi/stories of arts education, as part of which he is currently working with colleagues and students to develop and test innovative new strategies for integrating critical historical knowledge into contemporary practice-based art and design education.
Kitto is also a Local mentor in Inspiration International Academy East Africa Campus

Nakato Mary Gorrette

Nakato Mary_opt

Nakato Mary Gorrette graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Industrial Art and Design at Nkumba University. She also got a master’s degree majoring in multimedia crafts at Kyambogo University. She participated in a number of trainings and conferences related to arts and social entrepreneurship. After Bachelor’s degree Mary owned and operated a small shop where she made and sold art pieces, including crafts, beads, necklaces and paintings.

She is currently teaching art courses at higher institution of learning including Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design and at Kampala University School of Industrial Art and Design.  While at Mirembe, Mary teaches women design of beads, jewelry, baskets and necklaces. Mary is in charge of the daily administration of Mirembe in Uganda.

Sailas Okwairwoth


Sailas comes from Pakwach, Uganda. Holds a BA in Development Studies (first-class honors) and a Master of Public Health from Uganda Christian University (UCU). He volunteered at UCU as a teaching assistant (tutor) and participated in several academic research projects, including a study of Gender-Based Violence and Safe Motherhoods by the World Health Organization (WHO). He has had a number of international engagements including participating in global leadership conferences in the United States and in Germany. From these opportunities, Sailas won grants and used them to develop and implement community service projects in his community. In June and November 2020, Sailas featured as one of the speakers at a purpose earth event during the global peace movement in USA.
Sailas is currently the Country director at Topaz Uganda, coordinates all the local activities of Topaz Brit Olam-Inspiration in Uganda and provides day-to-day administrative and managerial assistance to the different projects in Uganda and supports the development of the organization.

Sailas is committed to working with any development intervention that targets community empowerment, health, and justice, building a democratic society, peace, unity and sustainable development. He wants to transform lives of the underprivileged youths, families, mothers, and children.

John Kyewalyanga

John Kywelyanga1 366X230

John graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Bugema University in Uganda. He also attended Makerere University Business School where he graduated with Diploma in Accounting. John has 12-years’ experience in finance and administration. He served at credit and banking institutions and at education institutions in Uganda. At the banking sector, John worked as branch accountant in 2014 at Advance Uganda Micro Finance Ltd operated under the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). In 2015, he was elevated to a position of a branch manager at the same institution.  

He is currently the Deputy Principal and a Manager Finance and Administration at Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design (NIAAD).

Or Greenwald

אור גרינולד_opt

After his return to Israel following his service at the Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach, FL as the Director of Jewish Life he decided to maintain his civic involvement and joined Topaz Board with the mission to promote social activism in Israel and across the globe.

Lir Alter

ליר אלטר

Lir Alter is a social media ninja and a Jewish gangster fan. 

She graduated in Political science and communications from Tel Aviv Uni, and also got her master’s degree in US-Israel relations and American Jewry from Haifa University in the Reduerman program, where she wrote her thesis on Jewish and Italian gangsters in Prohibition time in America.

Besides that, she is an activist in Link20 – a movement of people with and without disabilities that promote people with disabilities in the society. 

Shai Pardo

שי פרדו_opt

He exhibited in Israel and abroad. Shai lectured and taught art and photography at Avni Institute, the Institute of Art in Bat Yam, and in many other projects.

He founded the Gallery of the Institute of Art in Bat Yam, and he is the chief curator of the gallery.

Vered Levy Unger

ורד לוי אונגר

 Vered uses the arts as a means of connection between people, between cultures and between man and Makom: which can mean God or place, the inner and outer places.

Her art focuses on social and environmental issues.

Vered  engages  in entrepreneurial community projects combined with the arts to help individuals and communities tell their stories and recreate them .

Vered also runs a clinic working with people to create a healing  personal myth.

She creates personalized healing mythological stories and maps

Among her projects, she designed Healing – earth-community installations in Israel, Germany and Switzerland and performed in joint dance projects in Germany  and Israel.

Vered wrote and illustrated the children’s book “Pink Dream Shift”, and developed workshops around dreaming ones reality.

Born in Jerusalem (6th generation) and lives in Kiryat Yovel.

A proud mother of three treasures.

Diana Up

Diana DJ UP

22 yrs on decks, expert dj of dance music, private events, parties, corporate events, night clubs and festivals.

Producing and inventing event concepts including dance, art and movement workshops, since 2006.

Among other things, co-creator of Midburn project and the first Djane to play in Sinai peninsula parties and festivals.

Has performed also in Germany, India, Romania and Holland.

During many years of work, Diana has learned which feelings people wish to feel when they ask to listen to certain kinds of music.

Through these realizations, Diana’s will became ready to convey the knowledge of music and feelings into practical day to day life experience. that can support people to continue paving their individual road. She also works with other workshop leaders, preparing music edits for designed atmospheres.

The challenging 2020 has brought forward the birth of a fresh project, that enables people to enjoy uniquely designated music, while working independently or creating art.

Diana’s AMBITION SPACE WORK initiative, is now in active progress, through zoom meetings, and is intended for freelancers and other professionals, whom are working alone

in their home office or studio. The zoom meetings go along with background music transmitted by Dj Diana Up, music that enhances focus and inspiration.

AMBITION SPACE expands the ranges of daily music listening presence and actively evolves the supportive power of music,

so that this power can trigger peace of mind ,vitality and practical ambition in us humans.

Eliana Schejter

אליענה בית היוצר

Eliana Schejter is an Israeli artist and actress, Born in Jerusalem to Argentine parents.


She has taken part as a creator and actress in a number of theater performances and has won several awards.

Played many roles in film and television – ShtiselYellow Peppers and more.
Eliana was Head of the young theater department of Alef High School of Arts, and directed the Children and youth Workshops for Orna Porat Theater

She creates and works with diverse groups In Israel, Germany, Denmark and Uganda, looking for ways to combine different arts include theater, storytelling, music and visual arts.
Her goal is to lead personal & group processes, using tools from the world of theater, acting, and Storytelling.

Gafnit Salvi

גפנית סלבי

And the  funder  member and the developing international youth activity the Y-TOP ( YOUNG TEMPLATE OF PEACE)  in the last 20 years around the world in: Italy, Denmark, Walsh, Germany, England  China, Holland, Turkey , Lebanon, Sweden, USA, Israel , Canada, Finland , Portugal, Ireland…

Creating international summer youth gathering for over 100 participants, and youth guides training international gathering for development of better humanity, and Environment peace and innovation for adults and youth  in creative and new ability’s and competent ways.

In the last 30 years in constant research about human kind, arts and writing books, family values, new models for education and training teachers, development of new models of human society , international innovation, well-being and healing method prompting new programs  for community life, assistance of world cleanup project in Israel call ” clean country  it not a lagan and representing Israel in the world clean up ” let do it ”

As well working in both Bedouin and Arab villages family – children and woman running projects on education and growing businesses, develop unique program for cooperation and integration of family’s and youth and society and in molte couture and difference beliefs  same of them was  supported by the Kadoorie Fund and the Misgav Counsel. The Eu youth in action programs, local and international funds, EVS  (ESC) programs.

Lately publish new book the good night sleep book publish on English and Hebrew.