The Inspiration Movement
for Arts Leadership and Social Change

Traditionally, policymakers and institutions focus their development efforts in agriculture, industry, education and health. However, in recent years there is a growing recognition of the vital role the arts and culture can play with regard to finding innovative and creative solutions for local and global challenges. Art carries the vision of a better and brighter future. Policymakers and stakeholders are beginning to see that art can, and should, play a leading role increasing the quality of life for many people regardless of religion, ethnicity, culture, or socioeconomic status. This may occur through the improvement of communication and mutual understanding among conflicting cultures and the advancement of economic independency.
There are growing numbers of artists, groups and NGOs that recognize this and who work tirelessly to better their communities through art. Inspiration will works to gather, promote and leverage the knowledge gained and guide, train and assist those who are working to make the world a better place.


Our Mission

Inspiration Arts for Humanity is built on the foundations of artistic excellence, social activism and community engagement. Its vision is deep-rooted in the universal language of art, which expands and deepens our capacity for growth, supports progress in conflict-resolution, empowers individuals and addresses social issues while providing new opportunities for expression and dialogue.

Guided by values of excellence, artistry, social responsibility and humanism, Inspiration is a unique institution, the epicenter of the working knowledge incorporated into a movement of individuals, groups, organizations and businesses around the world working together to promote art as the lifeblood of a more collaborative, understanding and peaceful world.