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Sharon has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in design from Bezalel Academy and a master’s degree in Historical studies from Tel Aviv University. She has a lot of interest in the academy world.

She had the pleasure of serving as the Cultural Attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC (2008-2010).  I collaborated with both up-and-coming and prominent artists, museums, research institutes, and galleries in initiating cultural events, exposing the multi-cultural to new audiences, leading new program planning, creating new opportunities for both local and global initiations. It is during that time that I frequently visited two academies in DC and Baltimore, where she ran two design labs and greatly appreciated the cities intricacy.

In recent years, She gained experience in curating and producing exhibitions at the Tel Aviv Museum and at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, in my previous position. In my role, I specialized in collaborating and connecting various institutions and partners to the success of various ventures, believing that research and academia can serve as a tool for creating dialogue and building strong relationships for future interests.

She thrives in an arena where academia and cultural projects meet the public. For over ten years she has been working with galleries, museums, and institutions to develop new opportunities, striving for new collaborations, exploring new areas, planning and curating, and presenting works with the ability to convey a unique message or vision.

Her academic area of expertise is modern history, focusing on the First World War and the connection between war, materialism and masculinity. She has been participating in international workshops and conferences, with Ph.D. students from Exeter University, UK held at the school of Historical Studies at the Lester and Sally Entin Faculty of Humanities and The German Literature Archive in Marbach, Germany.


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