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Professor Rivka Lazovsky is a Professor in Education throughout the life time [from birth to Golden Age included], an experienced Educational Counselor, an academic Lecturer and Researcher in Education and Counseling  who published many articles and books,  a Social Activist since she was a young girl. She has more than 30 years of management experience. Recently, she finished 2 terms as Chairperson of World WIZO [volunteer work!], an international women movement with hundreds of educational and social projects in Israel, and branches all over the Jewish world.

To date, she serves as Vice-President of TOPAZ [C.S.O.], including Topaz in Israel and in the world, through its international departments: Brit Olam, Inspiration, Improve, IGIIsraeli Global Initiative. She also serves as member of the Public International Council of SID [Society for International Development] in Israel.

Formerly, she served for 13 years as Educational Counselor in the famous “Gimnasium Herzlyia” in Tel Aviv [the first Hebrew high school]. She was the founding President of the “Association of Educational Counselors in Israel” [IAED] and led it many years. She wrote the Code of Ethics of counselors, founded the professional and academic journal “Educational Counseling” and served as its first editor, and in the board. She was elected and served for 6 years, representing Israel, in the International Editorial Board of the 2 most important Counseling Journals in the world [“Counselor Education and Supervision”, “Professional School Counseling”].

Prof. Lazovsky is also the founding President of the “Association of WIZO Graduates” [October 2018]. She wrote the first WIZO’s Code of Ethics for this centennial organization, went on mission to Jewish communities in 32 cities. She knows 6 languages.

Professor Lazovsky has been awarded twice, by the Ministry of Education and IAED, the Educational Counseling Award for her outstanding professional and academic work. And she received 4 awards from World WIZO for her volunteer work throughout the years, including Life Honorary Membership.

Prof. Lazovsky received her Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University, School of Education, in 1992. She is married to Leon Lazovsky, an architect and town planner. They have 2 children and 4 grand-children.

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