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Shmuel Sorek is the chairman & general manager of Topaz.

Mr. Sorek is a Mechnical engineer with close to 40 years of senior management experience of various companies, factories and of associations, and active public service.

Born in Jerusalem to a Holocaust Survivor mother and Second War veteran father, he started his professional career as an R&D engineer in I.M.I (Israeli Military Industries) Jerusalem, became there a plant manager and for the last 20 years has been consulting, managing & rehabilitating companies & businesses that have failed up too even receivership and closure, being appointed by the courts, banks & the owners themselves.

He also recovered and managed a home for very disabled people.

His public activity started when he was elected as Chairman of Engineers representative committee in I.M.I, later being elected as the Chairman of the Association of Engineers & Architects in Israel (AEAI).

He also served as the Chairman of the association – Next Generation of Holocaust & Heroism Legacy – Israel, in which he is still a member of the Executive Committee, and he is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Center Organization of Holocaust Survivors in Israel.

His regular army service had been in the Golani infantry brigade. On reserves, his last duty had been a battalion commander holding the rank of lieutenant general before retiring active service.

Shmuel has vast experience in managing associations, a deep knowledge of the operation of the parliament (Knesset) and government offices, local authorities, and academic & public institutions.

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