The Inspiration Movement
for Arts Leadership and Social Change

“. . . the arts have been an inseparable part of the human journey; indeed, we bika2depend on the arts to carry us toward the fullness of our humanity. We value them for themselves, and because we do, we believe knowing and practicing them is fundamental to the healthy development of our children’s minds and spirits. That is why, in any civilization – ours included – the arts are inseparable from the very meaning of the term ‘education.’ We know from long experience that no one can claim to be truly educated who lacks basic knowledge and skills in the arts.”

National Standards for Arts Education

Inspiration’s major strategic goal is to develop an International Academy for Arts and Leadership. We plan to establish the Academy in Bika’at Kinrot not far
from the shores of the Sea of Galilee, with the Jordan River flowing aside the Campus, a location uniting charming nature, rich history, and a plethora of religions and cultures.

The campus will be hi tech/low environmental impact, and the grounds will be a botanical example ofInspiration’s highest ideals – beauty, balance, the capacity for interactivity and personal engagement, and planted according to best practice bio-dynamic/organic philosophies. It will give hundreds of young students from around the world an interdisciplinary education in arts, social entrepreneurship and leadership in a nurturing and stimulating environment – it will become a creative and spiritual home.

Meanwhile, Inspiration and its partners develop, execute and professionalize educational programs for socially engaged artists, who will emerge as educators and inspirational leaders themselves, living our vision.