The Inspiration Movement
for Arts Leadership and Social Change

For the past ten years Keren has served as the director of the social responsibility and student welfare and financial support department at the Shenkar College of Design, Art, and Engineering, Ramat Gan, Israel.

As part of her role, Keren promotes and directs over 20 projects, programs, and academic courses which integrate academic discourse with social responsibility and community involvement. ‘ Shenkar s leading community projects in Israel include “Shenkar Youth” which brings high school students closer to art and design, and “Students in Pardes Kats” which promotes student accommodation in disadvantaged neighborhoods in order to contribute to those communities.

Keren holds two Bachelor’s degrees, in management and social sciences and a master’s degree in law. She also holds a diploma in alternative medicine and therapy.

Keren’s dream is to create bridges and synergy between academia in the worlds of design and art to geo-social-economic communities in Israel. “I believe that the combination of art and leadership can inspire change and promote social well being “.

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