The Inspiration Movement
for Arts Leadership and Social Change

Tamar is a social entrepreneur and the executive director of Inspiration- Arts for Humanity.

She leads the organizational processes, combines humanitarian and artistic perspectives, and promotes entrepreneurship, sustainability, female (and human) solidarity, empowerment and innovation in strategic projects of the organization.

Her long-standing partnership with Brit Olam-Topaz began in 2007 when she was employed as its development director.

Tamar is a qualified drama/bibliotherapist with a wealth of experience in project management and marketing.
She holds a B.A in theatre and political science,  M.A from Lesley University in Art therapy, and an M.B.A from Haifa University.
As a drama & bibliotherapist, she participated in the relief delegation to Georgia in August 2008 . She worked with children and women in various therapeutic and educational settings throughout the years mainly in schools, kindergartens, a family in a crisis center, and more.
She created and conducted various creative programs for youth and women among them the social project “Text and Textile“, “Emotional Intelligence”, and “The Power of Words.”

She worked both for  NGO’s and in the business sector as a project and marketing manager, including 5 years at a unique creative B2B agency.

Tamar is a passionate believer in the catalytic role of art and culture to renew society, on a personal, communal and global level.  she believes that art in all its forms is a bridge to the soul and the most meaningful tool to connect communities and remove barriers.



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