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for Arts Leadership and Social Change

Sailas Okwairwoth is the country director at Topaz-inspiration.
Sailas comes from Pakwach, Uganda. Holds a BA in Development Studies (first-class honors) and a Master of Public Health from Uganda Christian University (UCU). He volunteered at UCU as a teaching assistant (tutor) and participated in several academic research projects, including a study of Gender-Based Violence and Safe Motherhoods by the World Health Organization (WHO). He has had a number of international engagements including participating in global leadership conferences in the United States and in Germany. From these opportunities, Sailas won grants and used them to develop and implement community service projects in his community. In June and November 2020, Sailas featured as one of the speakers at a purpose earth event during the global peace movement in USA.
Sailas is currently the Country director at Topaz Uganda, coordinates all the local activities of Topaz Brit Olam-Inspiration in Uganda and provides day-to-day administrative and managerial assistance to the different projects in Uganda and supports the development of the organization.

Sailas is committed to working with any development intervention that targets community empowerment, health, and justice, building a democratic society, peace, unity and sustainable development. He wants to transform lives of the underprivileged youths, families, mothers, and children.

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