The Inspiration Movement
for Arts Leadership and Social Change

Gafnit Salvi learned at the art academy in Jerusalem. In the last 27 years she is the promoter of The Template Of Peace Youth Movement in Israel, and founder member of the GET School in Israel, developing of models of education to the 21st Century.

And the  funder  member and the developing international youth activity the Y-TOP ( YOUNG TEMPLATE OF PEACE)  in the last 20 years around the world in: Italy, Denmark, Walsh, Germany, England  China, Holland, Turkey , Lebanon, Sweden, USA, Israel , Canada, Finland , Portugal, Ireland…

Creating international summer youth gathering for over 100 participants, and youth guides training international gathering for development of better humanity, and Environment peace and innovation for adults and youth  in creative and new ability’s and competent ways.

In the last 30 years in constant research about human kind, arts and writing books, family values, new models for education and training teachers, development of new models of human society , international innovation, well-being and healing method prompting new programs  for community life, assistance of world cleanup project in Israel call ” clean country  it not a lagan and representing Israel in the world clean up ” let do it ”

As well working in both Bedouin and Arab villages family – children and woman running projects on education and growing businesses, develop unique program for cooperation and integration of family’s and youth and society and in molte couture and difference beliefs  same of them was  supported by the Kadoorie Fund and the Misgav Counsel. The Eu youth in action programs, local and international funds, EVS  (ESC) programs.

Lately publish new book the good night sleep book publish on English and Hebrew.

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