The Inspiration Movement
for Arts Leadership and Social Change

22 yrs on decks, expert dj of dance music, private events, parties, corporate events, night clubs and festivals.

Producing and inventing event concepts including dance, art and movement workshops, since 2006.

Among other things, co-creator of Midburn project and the first Djane to play in Sinai peninsula parties and festivals.

Has performed also in Germany, India, Romania and Holland.

During many years of work, Diana has learned which feelings people wish to feel when they ask to listen to certain kinds of music.

Through these realizations, Diana’s will became ready to convey the knowledge of music and feelings into practical day to day life experience. that can support people to continue paving their individual road.

These days, in addition to playing music for dancing, Diana leads inspiration parties and workshops, that highlight the connections among music, feelings and self accomplishment. She also works with other workshop leaders, preparing music edits for designed atmospheres.

The challenging 2020 has brought forward the birth of a fresh project, that enables people to enjoy uniquely designated music, while working independently or creating art.

Diana’s AMBITION SPACE WORK initiative, is now in active progress, through zoom meetings, and is intended for freelancers and other professionals, whom are working alone

in their home office or studio. The zoom meetings go along with background music transmitted by Dj Diana Up, music that enhances focus and inspiration.

AMBITION SPACE expands the ranges of daily music listening presence and actively evolves the supportive power of music,

so that this power can trigger peace of mind ,vitality and practical ambition in us humans.

You are more than welcome to join our new group and refresh your self with unique concepts –

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