The Inspiration Movement
for Arts Leadership and Social Change

As Inspiration Arts continues to grow and thrive as a young organization, so does the need to set foot on foreign ground. In order to optimize its orperations on the ground, it was decided to open an affiliated branch of Inspiration in Germany. And so the idea of Inspiration Arts for Humanity Germany e.V. was born. As of January 2017 Berlin is the new home to Inspiration in Germany. Berlin is located at the heart of the European continent and home to a flourishing and vital art scene. With its population of roughly 3.5 million people it is also a melting pot for many individuals from many places who believe in many different things.

Israel and Germany

This is where Inspiration Arts Germany enters. With its unique axis between Israel, Germany and third countries we offer a creative, multi-fold problem-solving approach. We believe that Germans and Israelis have more in common than the very dark chapter of the past. Together we want to create collaborations and projects that foster mutual understanding. At Inspiration we see the potential of both countries; be it the artistic and creative potential of artists or the expertise of entrepreneurs and activists. Together we want to use them to face the most pressing social challenges of our time.

Germany and Israel respectively face an array of social, political, and cultural challenges. Where migration, intergration and globalization appear to present barriers to coexistence and tolerance, Inspiration Arts in Germany seeks to create dialog and connection through the arts.

Inspiration Germany’s objectives are two-fold. One the one hand it seeks to support and shape Inspiration’s ongoing projects in Israel and abroad. Secondly it focuses on East Africa – Uganda to be precise.

Inspiration Germany in Uganda

With its foundation, Inspiration Germany takes the managerial role in the realization of the Muse-Int. project in collaboration with its partners. In the beginning of February 2017 we welcomed two new students from South Sudan  to the project. At Inspiration Germany we seek to fully support the students during their process of becoming professional artists and social entrepreneurs.


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