The Inspiration Movement
for Arts Leadership and Social Change

Mugisha Happy Innocent holds a BA of Development Studies and Master of Public Health. He is a practicing artist, dealing in ceramics majorly. Currently Happy manages a Youth Initiative for Prosperity Africa (YIPA). YIPA is an NGO that promotes empowerment through skills development, community capacity building, environmental management and conservation, OVC support, and many more health related work.

Happy has worked with Social Health and Environmental Sustainability (SHES) as an Outreach Supervisor. He engaged in different program activities such as women empowerment, Environment conservation, youth program and the OVC program,  village Saving and Loan Association, Skills building program, Child literacy, schools prevention program and HIV Mobile Van Outreach program. He has also supervised students on internship from different academic institutions and helped many of them pursue their degrees. He is a volunteer on the Topaz Inspiration Connect program in Uganda.