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Cerinah Nalwoga is the former chief finance officer of Milima Technologies Uganda, a growing cyber-security firm focused on building cyber smart communities and organizations. With a Textile and Ginning Engineering background, Cerinah’s passion for finance and management led her to pursue ACCA. She worked as a Business development lead in the same organization and demonstrated intelligence, creativity and contributed to the rapid growth of annual revenue, improved operational processes helping the company gain market visibility in the ICT sector in Uganda.

Cerinah operates a marketing Agency called Trillion Ventures which offers marketing consultancy services to Entrepreneurs, companies, organizations on various projects aiding the implementation of the strategies while connecting them to new market audiences. She volunteers her time speaking to young people empowering them to make informed decisions in regards to education, employment and entrepreneurship. She is also CFO ward winner 2018 for SME category an award that recognized a finance person a small and medium   firm whose work has led to the growth of their firm, courtesy of Deloitte, Stanbic Bank and ACCA. Cerinah is a volunteer on the Topaz Inspiration Connect program in Uganda.