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Waddimba Edward is a self-taught artist apprenticed under the mentorship of the late Fabian Mpagi Kamulu who was a director of Nommo Gallery. His versatile practice has attracted a number of commissions and employment to a number of local art collectives in a bid to discover opportunities out of what seems to be misfortunes. His practice spreads across a varied range of genres ranging from drawing, painting, collage, multimedia, sculpture to craft making recycled from a wide range of material like metal, wood, bark cloth in two dimension, reliefs and three dimension. Although his latest body of works explores aesthetics and functionality, his work is characterised by both semi abstract and realistic human forms that vividly regard conventional visual elements and principles. He won the 3rd National CSO Fair Art Competition and participated in a number of international and local exhibitions as a solo artist, group and an art collective.

His practice has also been exhibited in a number of prestigious galleries like; Nommo gallery, Afri-art gallery, BONZO gallery, Tulifanya art gallery, Makerere art gallery, and a number of art fairs and festival editions including Kenya art fair, Kampala city festival and JAMAFEST East African interstate cultural festival. He is a volunteer on the Topaz Inspiration Connect program in Uganda.