The Inspiration Movement
for Arts Leadership and Social Change

Ronen Koehler

Ronen is a skilled inter-disciplinary executive and consultant with both a technology and military background. His experience includes nearly 40 years in the Israeli Navy, including 17 years as an active service member. While active, Ronen served as a commander in the navy, both a missile boat and a submarine captain, and as an internal […]

Hagit Erlich

 Hagit cares. She cares about the planet we live on, the air we breathe, and also the leaders who lead us. She cares and believes we can create equal opportunities for everyone. She wishes uniqueness and creativity prevailed and not everyone looked alike, that each and every one of us will be able to bring […]

Lir Alter

Lir Alter is a social media ninja and a Jewish gangster fan.  She graduated in Political science and communications from Tel Aviv Uni, and also got her master’s degree in US-Israel relations and American Jewry from Haifa University in the Reduerman program, where she wrote her thesis on Jewish and Italian gangsters in Prohibition time […]

Shai Pardo

Shai Pardo is a multidisciplinary artist. He studied painting at Kalisher Institute in Tel Aviv. He exhibited in Israel and abroad. Shai lectured and taught art and photography at Avni Institute, the Institute of Art in Bat Yam, and in many other projects. He founded the Gallery of the Institute of Art in Bat Yam, […]

Vered Levy Unger

Vered Levy Unger is a multidisciplinary artist and  author. She uses the arts as a means of connection between people, between cultures and between man and Makom: which can mean God or place, the inner and outer places. Her art focuses on social and environmental issues. Vered   engages  in entrepreneurial community projects combined with the […]

Dj Diana Up

22 yrs on decks, expert dj of dance music, private events, parties, corporate events, night clubs and festivals. Producing and inventing event concepts including dance, art and movement workshops, since 2006. Among other things, co-creator of Midburn project and the first Djane to play in Sinai peninsula parties and festivals. Has performed also in Germany, […]

Keren Bittan Shemesh – Mirembe’s chairwoman

For the past ten years Keren has served as the director of the social responsibility and student welfare and financial support department at the Shenkar College of Design, Art, and Engineering, Ramat Gan, Israel. As part of her role, Keren promotes and directs over 20 projects, programs, and academic courses which integrate academic discourse with […]

Eliana Schejter

Eliana Schejter is an Israeli artist and actress, Born in Jerusalem to Argentine parents Eliana holds a master’s degree in theater from Tel Aviv University, teaches acting, theater and storytelling, and is a lecture in theater teaching at David Yellin College in Jerusalem. She has taken part as a creator and actress in a number […]

Gafnit Salvi

Gafnit Salvi learned at the art academy in Jerusalem. In the last 27 years she is the promoter of The Template Of Peace Youth Movement in Israel, and founder member of the GET School in Israel, developing of models of education to the 21st Century. And the  funder  member and the developing international youth activity […]

Prof. Rivka Lazovsky

Prof. Rivka Lazovski

Professor Rivka Lazovsky is a Professor in Education throughout the life time [from birth to Golden Age included], an experienced Educational Counselor, an academic Lecturer and Researcher in Education and Counseling  who published many articles and books,  a Social Activist since she was a young girl. She has more than 30 years of management experience. […]

Shmuel Sorek

Shmuel Sorek is the chairman & general manager of Topaz. Mr. Sorek is a Mechnical engineer with close to 40 years of senior management experience of various companies, factories and of associations, and active public service. Born in Jerusalem to a Holocaust Survivor mother and Second War veteran father, he started his professional career as […]

Dr. Michael (Mike) B. Naftali

Michael (Mike) Naftali is a social entrepreneur, social inventor, social activist and teacher, and researcher in voluntarism and civil society. For more than 40 years, he has taken an active part in advancing, managing, and leading a wide range of social endeavors, including the formation of social entrepreneurship platforms, volunteering and civil society infrastructure programs, […]

Artcamp #2

Join ArtCamp#2 As part of Inspiration’s belief in the power of the artist to express, create and influence communities with his work, we host a gathering of artists, an encounter interpersonal and social issues, collaborative creation space, art workshops and exposing social projects and initiatives. For three days and two nights,ArtCamp provides a platform for […]

Inspiration Music #003

On April 25, 2015 the earth shook in Nepal. Over 10,000 were buried under the rubble, tens of thousands were injured and hundreds of thousands were left with no roof over their heads. Inspiration Arts (NGO) joined the NATAN coalition for international humanitarian aid to aid the Nepalese nation. We are sending a group of […]

Olam Focal Point

!לרכישת כרטיסים .בתאריך 07.10.2015 בשעה 20:30 יתקיים ערב רביעי בסדרת האירועים של אינספריישן בתכנית: אנסמבל אנ”ת – קבוצת מחול יוצרת כרוניקה >> יוצרת: אלינהר מאנץ’ בינשטוק << סולו אורח >> יוצרת: רותם גרינברג , מבצעת: קורנליה טרומפר << פוליטיקה חדשה למתחילים >> יוצרת: דניאל סו קינד << מופע המחול יתמוך בפרויקט חינוך לאמנות בפריפריה הצפונית […]

Olam Focal Point 2016

Inspiration Arts was proud to participate in Focal Point: The 1st Annual Gathering of OLAM Coalition Partners, as a partner in the coalition. We were invited to attend Focal Point, the first annual gathering of our 41 OLAM coalition partners – Jewish and Israeli organizations working to meet the needs of vulnerable populations in the developing […]

The IVA Euromed Conference

Inspiration Arts was proud to participate and lead a panel discussion at the Israel Volunteer Association first international conference: Volunteering Makes a Difference The conference took place on 6th-7th of April 2016, Hacienda Hotel, Maalot-Tarschicha, Israel, and focused on issues of Bridging social gaps, including minority groups, integrating refugees –How can the societies in Israel and Europe […]

Art, Volunteering & Social Change

Art, Volunteering & Social Change Conference May 2 – 3, 2016 Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda For its first global event, Inspiration Arts for Humanity has partnered with Makerere University, the Nagenda International Academy for Art and Design (NIAAD) and the Israeli Volunteer Association (IVA), to deliver to you an interesting and thought-provoking conference. Art and culture are […]

Creative Connection Creative Connections addresses the issues of racism, violent discourse and lack of dialogue between the different sectors of society in Israel, by using the language and experience of art. A creative-artistic learning process as a platform for encounter between youth from different sectors is what stands at the base of the program. The heterogenic […]

1st International Conference

Art Volunteering and Social Change conference program Art and culture are the heart of a society. It is a means of (non-)verbal communication and it can bridge between conflicting parties, because it displays not only what is but also what could be, art can be a driving factor in social change. Art can be perceived […]